About CellSend

CellSend is a free service that allows you to send texts, links and pictures from your computer to your phone in a fast and easy way.

How Does It Work?

To use CellSend on your computer, you will need one of our browser extensions (see links below) or login to our Web Interface.
To add CellSend to your phone, you just need to open the browser and go to our homepage (www.CellSend.net) and login.

You can now send texts, links and pictures between all your devices!

Copy & Paste Between Devices

Imagin CellSend as a "Cross-Device Clipboard" if you will.
Using our browser extension, you can simply highlight some text and right-click to send it to your phone or other devices.
You can also right click on links and photos to send them as well.

Get CellSend for Your Browser:

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