About CellSend

CellSend is a free service that allows you to send texts, links and pictures from your computer to your phone in a fast and easy way.
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Send Texts

Use CellSend to easily send a piece of text or link from your computer to your phone (and vice-versa).

Share Pictures

Need mor then words? Send a picture! You can send pictures between devices with just a couple of taps!

Use Anywhere

You can use CellSend on your iOS, Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone device.

Export Text to Other Apps

Open your text in WhatsApp, Waze, Maps, Twitter and more!

Help & FAQ

+What is this "Verification Code"?
+Where do I see the texts I sent from my computer to my phone?
+How do i add the CellSend app to my phone's home screen?
+Where do I see the texts I sent from my phone to my computer?
+Can I use CellSend on Internet Explorer?
+What mobile devices do you support?
+Why do some of the stuff in your web app don't work?

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